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jesus-runnerI had an estimated 3 years lifespan, due to liver and other damage, this at age 38 with my son Rayner 4 years old. A body wasted by alcohol.

My mind separated from the purpose of Jesus. My parents followed Jesus. I chose the” wisdom of this world”, philosophers, icons and politicians. this was the ungodly mantel I wore, to defy my parents teachings until I was stripped of this mantel.

Naked and alone on a hospital bed weeping, alone and no solution. Then God heard the prayers of my mother Jemima, and gave her a miracle. I was healed.

nemo-unity-flagMy body now belongs to Jesus. I run the hills alone with him. I still weep when running up Edinburgh drive, this with uncontrolled thanksgiving and praise. As I prepare my mind I anticipate my time alone with Jesus up the hills. At times I ask God for an angel to tell her son Andrew now 68, is “running home”.

I praise God for my parents Andrew Senior, mom Jemima, my wife Sylvia for staying with me through the difficult times.   I would also like to thank my son Rayner and daughter Lyndall who will continue to run when I’m home.

Having completed the Gugulethu 10km and Two Oceans half marathon at age 68, I’m looking forward too much more as I daily surrender body and mind to Jesus. He did what it took to save me and in return I will do what it takes to serve him.

God has given a message through this  the Father’s menu or ‘TRETE’  (talk, read, eat, think, exercise) speak the word, read it, eat what God prepared for us and exercise our bodies. Jesus walked long distances daily as he was physically strong and healthy.  This is food for thought.

The simple basic powerful life-giving foods which he ate have been changed. We choose what the world presents on billboards, newspapers for ourselves and our children. Society is degenerate because of  ‘mans wisdom’, so also our bodies prone to degenerate disease.

We follow Jesus with everything except what’s on our table. In fact we take what the world presents, put it on our tables and ask God to bless it in Jesus name. When we are sick we ask for healing in Jesus name. Our desire for food comes from the media. This desire turns to cravings or a food addiction. We are told to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, but encouraged to eat ourselves to death.

You don’t sin only through thought, speech and action but also through sinful eating habits which damage the body and make it more prone to disease. Do you eat to fill your belly or feed your body? Our food chain has been seriously changed so much so that we cannot get what our body requires from what we consume daily. Our body is our temple and should be treated so.

I use ‘Whole Food’ supplements. The company I use is one with a 50 year track record of research and development. They also have a world renowned scientific advisory board, who take responsibility for potency and quality of their products. I am currently a member of Zone fitness gym in Wynberg Cape Town and have a very good relationship with the manager, Angelo.

Also presently working with two pastors, one from Ghana, Pastor Daniel Asihere and his friend Pastor Vic Agdike from Nigeria, offering them my brotherly hospitality in Christ in our country. Most Sundays I am involved with Brother Pat Rolleston and team from desire for all nations Christian Church. Their Sunday activity is feeding the poor at the haven shelter in Wynberg.

What is statistics showed less cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc in the body of Christ?

The world would want to know why and we could tell them we follow Jesus in all our ways.

I am Andrew Hoffman  the ‘Jesus Runner’. I am inviting partners and fellow servants to run home with me, with The Father’s Menu, from his manual for our bodies.

My Mission is to run around the Old City of Jerusalem before i die and go to Heaven.

I have teamed up and will be partnering with NEMO SA to collect funds to achieve this Goal.  I will also be representing NEMO SA by taking their flag of  Unity to Israel on their behalf.  My run home will help me achieve my goal and will promote Unity into the Nations from Cape Town to Israel.  We are also promoting the Global Prayer and message for  Unity  and this message and prayer can be found on the following link:

Global Prayer and Message for Unity:  CLICK HERE

We will be collecting funds as from January 2016 through NEMO SA and we are contactable on info@nemosa.co.za

Andrew turned 68 during October 2015.

I would be grateful for any donations toward my run in Israel – Thank You in advance  –    Andrew Hoffman

Banking Details as follows:

Standard Bank Parow Branch:  Code 031110

Account Name:  Project Jesus Runner

Account Number:  073  674 850

Type Account Business Savings Account

PS The account will be audited by Mr Marc Cole and Marcel Durler founder of Nemo SA who is also organising the trip to Israel on behalf of Andrew Hoffman.

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