Doves Peak Renaming Project

murray_bridgman_The Devil’s Peak Name Change campaign is being spearheaded by a group of individuals lead by Cape Town advocate, Murray Bridgman (who can be seen speaking in the You Tube video); and Transformation Africa Director, Barry Isaacs. The group believes that it is time for Africa’s Transformation. As such, it is motivating that the mountain at the southernmost point of Africa, which is named after the devil, be renamed Dove’s Peak.

The name, Dove’s Peak, is one of the mountain’s original names and the dove is, of course, universally accepted as a symbol of peace; while, for most people irrespective of religion, the devil is a symbol and personification of everything that is evil. The group is of the view that changing the name of Devil’s Peak to Dove’s Peak is a significant way of proclaiming peace over Africa and ushering in its transformation and restoration.

It will also position Cape Town, the Mother City, as the place where this transformation and restoration will be birthed.

For more information visit Transformation Africa
Doves Peak Unity Page
Doves Peak Renaming Committee

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